I look forward to reading your comments and/or speaking with you about an upcoming session. I strive to create photographs that are unique, high quality and representative of your personality.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Better Tomorrow

The caption reads “Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow”. 
This I shall do.

I’ve had a tremendously gratifying year in my classroom both academically and on a personal level.  Caring for my big kids at school and my little people at home has limited my time behind the lens but being the best educator, mentor and mother is my number one priority.  That said, I’ve been shooting nonstop, working with other photographers, refining my editing style and updating my website.  I literally can’t wait to meet the families who won the giveaway earlier this year and meet new clients.  We are going to make some beautiful images together!

 Things that will be helpful for you to know prior to booking a session:

1.     I enjoy “setting the stage” and creating a particular look for a shoot.  I will be using a professional stylist for certain sessions and/or shooting in unique locations.  If you are open to having an adventure we are likely to exceed your expectations!

2.     I am going to be true to you as a customer and myself as an artist and not overbook my calendar.  When I first started my business I was eager to please and it cost me a tremendous amount of time, money and stress to deliver a product.  I felt rushed and I worried that the quality of my work was being compromised.  I am terrible at saying “no” but I am committed to making time for us to meet, style your shoot, and meet again once your gallery has been completed. 

3.     I want to share your gallery with you in person and help you identify the best ways to preserve your favorite photos.  The options can be overwhelming and it will be helpful to look at sample items for inspiration.

4.     Lastly, the session tab and the gallery tab on the website gives a detailed description of what to expect from your session.  This includes cost.  Getting your photo taken by a professional is an investment and should be treated as such. 
Here’s to a busy summer filled with family, fun and photography!  Hope to see you soon!