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Friday, January 28, 2011

Giddy Up!

Our son just celebrated his second birthday and his very favorite animal is the “pony”. In fact, the word pony is the most frequently spoken word in our home on any given day. Ponies go into the bath tub, into the crib, get taken to and from school, and sometimes sit with us at the dinner table. It should come as no surprise that he received some gifts of this nature including this soft pony that will be a much better bedtime companion than the hard plastic ponies that he has been trying to snuggle. Furthermore he loves to try on shoes and his big sister has many boots and high heels that he enjoys playing with because they are big enough for him to take on and off all on his own. (“I do it” is also a popular phrase.) You’ll be happy to know that he now owns his own frog boots and no longer has to wear princess themed footwear. (Daddy is also thrilled.) So far the boots are fixtures on his little feet, and our new ponies are getting lots of love. I have other pictures worthy of sharing and I hope to update this post this weekend. Until then…happy trails to you all…

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Play Date

Our fingers and our toes, our ears and our nose...high-ho, the derry-o…it was freezing cold…
I spent yesterday evening with two fantastic people who were willing to brave ridiculously cold temperatures to play in our local park, all in the spirit of catching the spark that they share.  The light was ideal; hazy, overcast and even a bit snowy.  My goal was to capture some shots that were more traditional (i.e. something that they could frame or send to grandma) and some that were more artistic (i.e. something that they could frame but wouldn’t necessarily be a “face shot”).  I am going to take some extra time editing for my own practice and because I want this couple to have pictures as beautiful as they are.

A helpful hint:  When you are taking photos outside in the winter, the photographer should momentarily stop breathing so that the vapor from their breath doesn't create a fog in front of the lens.  A few of my pictures have "smoke" for this very reason...lesson learned!

My husband calls this my "Edward and Bella" shot.  (I find it hilarious that he made this comment.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Papa & Rusty

It seems that “Papa” has always kept a coop of chickens simply for the pleasure of having them.  I desperately wanted a horse as a young girl but instead showed chickens and rabbits at the local 4-H fair.  Although chickens weren’t glamorous then, I have a great fondness for them now.  My favorite thing about this picture is that my parents have a very old photograph of a now deceased family member who is sitting with a chicken on his lap much like this.  I think that we’ll have to make a canvas of Papa and Jenny to hang beside great, great, grandpa.  (I sense a tradition in the making.)